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Reading the world...one book at a time

I have been reading since, well probably conception. My mother, smart woman that she is, read to all of her children while we were in the womb. My first memory of reading a book all by myself, was in Kindergarten, See Dick Run! I am now a big girl at the ripe old age of 43, and read a much broader variety of books. The only genre I will never read, is any type of horror. ( I do like to sleep, and if I read any of these types of books I would never sleep). Secretly, I long to be a librarian or a bookshop owner. But I will have to stay at my day job...veterinarian technician/practice manager. I do however belong to a book club and do enjoy that immensely. I am a very loved wife of Brian, and we have 3 great kids. We all are readers, some of us more so than others. Of course our children are smart, bright and beautiful, (I am allowed to be bias...my blog, my words)who are very active in sports, and our community.